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God Gives Us Heart Warmers

When I say “heart warmer”, I am thinking of those people who God puts in our lives to make us happy, to make us believe in ourselves more and to give us a heart glow like nobody else can.

It’s not every day that we receive a heart warmer. Usually it is a rare occurrence. A sibling, a parent, a child, a grandchild. Someone that makes our heart beat with more purpose. Someone that makes us laugh without trying. Someone that brings tears of joy to our eyes without even knowing. Those people are precious….and they are rare.

Heart Picture for Blog

When you receive a heart warmer, embrace them. They are a gift…a true gift from our loving Father. He knows we need people here whose hugs are monumental and whose kisses are sweeter than chocolate to our souls. Those are the people who God indwells in order to physically meet our needs of love.

I was always told that if we have made at least five good friends in our lifetimes, we have been blessed. And they don’t all necessarily stay through the course of our lives. Some are only around for a few years. Some last longer. But those who are heart warmers live inside of us all of the days we fulfill on this earth. They are cherished. They are precious.

Some of my heart warmers were loved ones who passed away.  They changed me in profound ways and still linger with me through each day that I spend here on earth without them. Luckily I have more heart warmers that are with me, living on this earth, their hearts beating in unison with mine. They are my children. And my grandchild. The most precious things God has ever given me.

Some of my heart warmers have only been with me a short while.  But still they live inside of me.  I have experienced authors who have been heart warmers.  Their words have etched marks upon my soul.  I am grateful for them.  I am also grateful for the friends I have met over the years…all heart warmers of one degree or another.  That’s the wonderful thing about heart warmers.  They all change us in some way for the better.  We don’t even have to know them personally, or for very long.  We only have to internalize their words, their emotion, their caring, their love.

I consider myself fortunate for all the heart warmers I have known. Through the years I have been blessed. And I wish to be a heart warmer for others. Those who feel the words that I write in their souls and spirits; those who can empathize with what I express. I challenge you to take notice of your heart warmers. God, in His wisdom, knows exactly the kind of hugs, kisses and encouragement we need to keep our hearts beating with His love. He loves us. Our heart warmers love us. We love each other. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Love. And truly loving. And being grateful….for love…. and for our heart warmers, His gift to us.

We Are Like Snowflakes

We are like snowflakes.  Each of us is unique.  None of us is exactly the same.  Like snowflakes, we can be very similar yet we each still have our own unique properties.

It is so important to cultivate our uniqueness….to be grateful of our differences.  Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same?  Our differences are a reason for celebration and learning and growth.  Without them, there would be no exploration, no causes to work toward, no understanding to gain.

The thing we must be wary of is the fear of our differences.  That fear has the potential to turn the beauty of our differences to ugliness.  That fear whispers that we are not acceptable unless we are alike.  The fear of unacceptance and misunderstanding is what we need to truly be afraid of because it not only robs us of our individuality, it robs us of our compassion and our destiny in life.

We each have a unique destiny;   a reason why we are here.  If we were all the same, we would not have a destiny, a soul-searching aspect for being alive.  It is freeing to know that we are all unique like the snow the falls softly in the winter.  Each snowflake is different, yet they all fall in peace and unity just outside our windows.  They don’t wonder or worry about being different. They just are.

My wish is for us to be more like snowflakes.  At peace.  In unity.  Not comparing ourselves to each other.  Think of the beautiful snowfalls of destiny our combined efforts could accomplish! If we were not divided against ourselves, how much stronger we would be as a whole!  As the saying goes, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts!