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Four New Photographs!

Here are some of my new pieces. All available on my art website.

The first is entitled After The Rain.

Water falls upon the earth anew.  From morning’s mist to setting sunlight’s dew.  Cascading upon nature, bringing life again.  Another simple pleasure from heaven’s blissful realm.  Celebrate rain and our earth’s health!

My photograph entitled Cotton Candy Clouds.

On a warm, winter day as the snow melts away, the clouds came out to shift and play in a cotton candy formed array!

My photograph entitled Purple Rain.

Rain is soothing to the soul.  How much more is purple rain?  The color purple uplifts and calms.  It is the color of royalty and spiritual awakening.  Purple also encourages creativity.  What more could you ask for?

My piece entitled Moonlight Branches.

On a lonely, moonlit night, gnarled branches caught my artist’s sight.  Displaying calm and peaceful gloom, their image met my camera’s zoom!  I love night time.  I see the most peaceful things in the dark of night.

You can find all of these and more at https://diamante-lavendar.pixels.com/

Sea Goddess

My newest piece of fractal/digital art.

Water is one of our most precious commodities.  We need to respect it and take good care of it so that it can continue to sustain us.

Sea Goddess interprets the beauty of water on the planet and acknowledges that it had to have been created by divine guidance.

Available on Fine Art America at https://fineartamerica.com/featured/sea-goddess-diamante-lavendar.html

Angel Of Light

Here is my newest creation entitled Angel Of Light! A combination of digital and fractal art!

Angels are all around us all of the time.  We can feel them in our hearts and see them in our minds’ eye.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see them with our natural eyes and they can be felt too with a cool, prickly sensation or a warm, loving sensation.  They are only a heartbeat away!  (https://fineartamerica.com/featured/angel-of-lilght-diamante-lavendar.html?newartwork=true).

To Dish Or Not To Dish by Diamante Lavendar!

To Dish Or Not To Dish with kiss by Diamante Lavendar

A humorous quote about life! Also a great quote for any cook you might know!

This is my fun way of saying “Be yourself! Enjoy your life!” We all have our own unique talents and abilities so we need to share them with the world! If we don’t, nobody will ever know our strengths and contributions! So don’t be shy! Step out and be who God made you to be! This world can be a better place just because you’re in it!

I originally designed this piece to be similar to Just Dishy because I was going to create dishes with both designs together. But then I decided to keep them separate. So take your pick! Whichever one tickles your fancy is just fine!

Here are some cute products made with To Dish Or Not To Dish:

To Dish Or Not To Dish wrapping paper on ZazzleTo Dish Or Not To Dish card FAA

To Dish Or Not To Dish duvet FAATo Dish Or Not To Dish Pillow FAA

There are hundreds of products to choose from in this design as with all of my designs.

You can find all sorts of things made from To Dish Or Not To Dish here:




My New Painting Entitled ‘Celebration!’

Celebration Sale Image by Diamante

I painted this piece to commemorate a child’s birthday. Since I do create a good amount of art, I’ve decided to include each new piece in my blog. That way my followers can get a more well rounded perspective of me as a “creator”…of the written word as well as of my artistic expression!

I used acrylic paints for this piece and kept them bright to capture the essence of a child’s birthday. I do enjoy bright colors when I’m painting! I also used childlike shapes and forms to further expand upon the consciousness of a child.

Due to the fact that this piece is for sale, my name has been superimposed upon the painting. This piece is approximately 17 in. x 25 in.  Prints are available if anyone would like to purchase them.  Of course, the prints would not have my name on them, except to be signed in a small, unobtrusive area.  If you would happen to be interested, please message me.  Thank you and enjoy!

This piece is available for sale on Red Bubble, Fine Art America and Zazzle.  It has been made into many creations from apparel to dishes to phone/laptop covers to bedding.  Check it out at any of the following links:

Celebration tote FAACelebration pillow FAA