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Life Is A Game. Play It Well.

(Late Night Fairy Flight by Diamante Lavendar)

Dimension means a measurable unit of space. This dimension occupies a space-but only a tiny space as compared to the universe.
This dimension demands attention. But usually we give it the wrong attention. This dimension demands that we take heed of its specifications. However, we need to learn that its specifications-in a large way- are brought about by our beliefs.
What we believe comes true-good and bad. We directly affect ourselves and our personal space in this dimension according to what our core beliefs are. That is why we must carefully guard our hearts and minds.
Of course, the constraints and freedoms we experience in our lives here are also spiritually determined. There is a path we have chosen to take that we find ourselves walking day after day. Our beliefs affect that path moment by moment, day by day, year by year. Therefore it is important to believe in good so that we end up in a good place-if not here, after our game here is over.
This is true regardless of what has happened to us. If our lives have been harsh then how much more do we need to believe in good! Earth is a learning ground. We’ve all come here to grow. If we grow tall in light and love despite our circumstances, we are winning the game of this dimension. Because, after all, “life” here IS just a game. But an important game. A game, if played right, of growth and wisdom.
The stronger we are-the more able we are to live according to love and light-the more we evolve. Hardship is the greatest teacher. If you’re experiencing great hardship, you’re learning invaluable lessons that will help you evolve into love, light and truth. Embrace it to the best of your ability.
After all is said and done, when you’re standing in the light of eternity, you will understand that this life has only been a game of learning. So play it well.  You’ll be really glad you did!

If Only Things Had Been Different

He sat in the back of the room.  There were people shuffling about around him but he sat in his seat quietly ignoring them.

If only things had been different.

He remembered being in a boat with his dad.  He sat quietly, his fishing rod in the water.

 I wish a fish would bite.  

The water lapped peacefully around the boat.  His father sat at the other end, a cap covering his head.

“You have to be quiet.  Otherwise you’ll scare the fish away,”  his father had told him before they left.

So he stayed very quiet.  And his father didn’t talk.  Not when they were fishing or any other time either.

He stared at the other boats dotted around the lake.

 I wonder if they sit in silence too.

Of the handful of times that he’d been fishing with his dad, he had only caught a small number of fish.

Does it really matter if you talk?  It doesn’t seem to matter when I’m fishing.

His dad reeled in his line and re cast it out on the water.

Thirty minutes later, his dad looked at him and said,  “We’re not having very good luck.  Do you want to stay here longer or should we go?”

“Let’s stay a little longer,”  he said.

 Let’s talk a while.

Another fisherman drove past in his boat.

“Having any luck?”  he yelled.

“No,”  his dad shook his head.

“Try the southern part of the lake.  I just caught a few over there,”  the fisherman said.

“Thanks.  I might,”  dad yelled back as the fisherman continued on his way.

“Do you want to go to the southern part of the lake?”  his dad asked him.

He shrugged.  “If you want to.”

“Let’s just come back another time.  I’m getting sun burnt.”

He looked around the room.  People were talking in hushed tones.  Some were crying.  He stood up and walked to his father’s coffin.

I wish things were different.  I wish we would’ve talked a while. 

A tear slipped down his cheek as he walked over to join his family.

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